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25 Ideas to Turn Your Backyard into an Oasis

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Whether you live in the suburbs, city, or country, turning your backyard into an oasis transforms even the smallest amount of space into an inviting haven. From simple setups like adding colorful potted plants and privacy screens to more elaborate designs such as garden gazebos and fishponds, your backyard oasis can help you make the most out of your outdoor space.

Limited Amount of Space

Just because you might have a limited amount of space in your yard doesn’t mean it can’t be a backyard oasis. From potted plants to cozy fires, turn your small backyard into an oasis worthy of large rewards.

stone seating for two


1. Decorate your yard with a coffee or breakfast nook, complete with decorative potted plants.

Bring usefulness to your small space while giving yourself a relaxing spot to kick back. Add a table-for-two, a couple of chairs, and decorative potted plants.

2. Set up a vertical garden with a trellis, an archway, fenced area, or netting.

Enhance your outdoor space with a garden that’s over your head. Place a leaning or self-supported trellis or fence in your yard, and add flowering vines to wrap around the trellis.

3. Get a small fire pit and a couple of cozy chairs or a glider-for-two.

If your small space is safe for a fire, consider getting a small fire pit. Add a couple of cozy chairs or a glider-for-two to transform your backyard into a nighttime oasis.1

4. Add an awning to your yard to create shade and privacy.

Set up an awning or canopy to add both privacy and shade to your small space. Consider draping festive lights around the awning to give your backyard oasis some ambiance.

5. Create a private meditation area for your backyard oasis.

Get creative and design a meditation spot. Use whatever makes you feel most at home and content, such as a large, comfy pillow or yoga mat, decorative glassware, stones, or calming plants.

Large Amount of Space

With a large backyard, your options for turning your backyard into an oasis are vast. From kid-friendly to adults-only, your yard could be the place to be.

deck with patio furniture


6. Build a deck, patio, screen porch, or sunroom in your backyard.

Use your large space to your advantage and transform your backyard into a relaxed gathering spot. Build a deck or patio, and add outdoor furniture, a grill, and more for quiet family moments or fun friendly barbecues.

7. Add a sauna, hot tub, or pool to your backyard for a water oasis.

Create a water oasis in your backyard. Place a sauna, hot tub, or pool in your yard for a getaway that will have you vacationing at home.

8. Make your space kid-friendly with carnival-style games.

Outfit your large yard with games such as bean bag toss, ring toss, horseshoes, and water games. Other fun carnival ideas to consider include a bouncy house, badminton net, obstacle course, and jungle gym.2

9. Create a pet-friendly space with an outdoor cat enclosure or dog-agility course.

Make your backyard into a pet oasis with a giant outdoor cat condo or an agility training course. Give your pet the chance to enjoy the yard as much as you.

10. Set up an outdoor stage or performance area, with or without a movie screen.

Use your backyard as an entertainment spot for your kids to belt out karaoke or perform Shakespeare. Set up a screen to view movies and films outdoors with large couches to mimic a more comfortable “drive-in”.

11. Theme-decorate your backyard for a personalized oasis.

Deck out your yard in a tropical theme, such as an island or beach getaway. Enjoy Christmas in July with lights and holiday decorations. Or create a spooky, haunted backyard to hang out with the ghosts.

12. Create an artist’s area for outdoor creativity.

There is no better light than sunlight for creating art. Set up an artist’s area – for kids or adults – to let your inner painter or sculptor shine through.

Bayard Oasis On a Budget

Don’t let your wallet dictate whether or not you enjoy your outdoor space. With a few simple, budget-friendly tweaks, you can turn your backyard into an oasis.

birdhouse bird feeder


13. Keep your yard critter-free.

It’s difficult to have an oasis when you’re constantly swarmed by bugs. Keep your yard critter-free with specific plants, tiki torches or a change in lighting, mulch, decorative fans, and essential oils. Attract the right animals into your yard to help you naturally get rid of the pests.3

14. Create a bird sanctuary.

Add a birdbath, bird feeder, or bird house to attract area birds. Customize your backyard bird oasis to the specific needs of certain birds, such as hummingbirds, chickadees, or woodpeckers.

15. Add a porch swing or yard hammock.

Immediately turn your backyard into an oasis by hanging up a porch swing or hammock. If you don’t have any trees or sturdy beams to attach the swing or hammock, consider a free-standing swing, glider, or hammock.

16. Turn your backyard into a welcoming camp site.

Get back to nature and relax under the stars – turn your yard into a camping oasis, complete with a tent, campfire and chairs, and a small grill. Hang mood lighting to add ambiance to your camp site.

17. Designate a spot that’s kid-friendly.

Craft a family-friendly section of the yard to give your kids their own oasis to partake in. Set up a designated spot for toys, games, a sandbox, or activity center.

18. Cater to your pets and make your yard pet-friendly.

Dogs and cats love to be outdoors. Make it a great spot for the both of you, while catering to your furry family members. Consider a simple outdoor pet enclosure, bedding, shaded area, or kiddie pool.

19. Create a romantic getaway spot for you and your spouse.

Set up a romantic corner dining spot for you and your spouse. Decorate a small table for two with close seating. Surround the area with a small privacy screen. Add soft lighting, potted plants, and queue the music.

Sky’s the Limit

When the sky’s the limit for turning your backyard into an oasis but you don’t really have the space for a moat and drawbridge, consider the following ideas for your personal oasis.

garden with walking path


20. Transform your backyard into an exotic garden oasis, featuring a private winding pathway.

Build a tranquil walking path and surround it with exotic flowers, bushes, and plants. Add in other décor such as a bench, water fountain, and patio with a comfy chair and small table.

21. Create the look of a spring meadow with a gazebo or walking bridge.

Make your backyard oasis relaxed and inviting with a flower-decorated gazebo. Consider a walking bridge, which can be placed over uneven terrain for easier access around the yard or near a quiet spot for some deep thinking.

22. Spice up your backyard by creating a friendly gathering place around the fire pit.

For a friends-night-in-but-out, consider a fire pit table, bar, couch, and cushioned chairs for a backyard oasis to share with friends or family. Add in a billiards, ping pong, or foosball table for friendly competition.

23. Add panache to your backyard oasis with an over-the-top grilling arena for family barbecues.

Build a large deck area to accommodate an outdoor grilling station and entertaining area. Feature a grill, smoker, pizza oven, and more, along with patio furniture and an outdoor entertainment system.4

24. Transform your private environment into a spa getaway.

Turn your backyard into a spa oasis – add a sauna or hot tub, massage table, meditation room, or water feature.

25. Build a fishpond, watering hole, or waterfall and turn your backyard into a tropical oasis.

Have a tropical spa oasis right in your backyard featuring a fishpond and waterfall or fountain. Decorate with exotic plants and flowers, and add other décor such as festive lights and comfortable seating.

From simple, budget-friendly ideas to more elaborate setups, you can turn your backyard into an oasis no matter where you live. Our ideas, your style, and a little ingenuity will liven up your outdoor space.

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