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6 Must-Haves for Your Newborn Baby Shopping List

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You’ve read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and absorbed as much knowledge as you can to know what to expect when you’re, well, expecting. Now’s the time to go shopping for all the things you’ve just learned about, but where should you start? We’ve compiled a convenient must-have baby shopping list for all your newborn baby needs. From how to bring your baby home to keeping her clean, fed, and comfy, read on to find out what to buy. Then grab your list and hit the stores.

1. Travel Gear for Infants

Baby stroller

Be prepared to bring your newborn baby home from the hospital safely and securely. Consider purchasing a baby carrier and car seat before the big day. Some brand models feature a 2-in-1 newborn carrier that clips into a car seat, which accommodates the tiny size of a newborn and allows the car seat to grow with her as she ages.

A stroller might be something to consider for your newborn if you wish to walk around the neighborhood, weather permitting. Look for strollers that are designed for the small size of a newborn baby. If you’re looking to travel, be sure to check out our list of the Best Travel Strollers. Alternatively, check out our list of the Best All-Terrain Strollers for you and your little one to enjoy the great outdoors.

Other must-have baby travel gear items to consider for your newborn baby shopping list include:

  • Diaper bag or backpack
  • Swaddle wrap
  • Car window sunshades

2. Bedroom Furniture for Newborns


As you’re contemplating what the nursery should look like or what type of furniture you should buy, consider these must-have items for your newborn baby shopping list:

  • Crib
  • Crib mattress
  • Crib sheets
  • Crib waterproof cover
  • Small, light blanket or two
  • Changing table or pad with covers

And though the following baby items may not be immediate must-haves, consider adding them to your newborn baby shopping list. Things like a cradle or rocking chair are nice to have in your baby’s bedroom, along with a baby monitor and humidifier. Other items to consider for your list include:

  • Diaper pail
  • Bassinet
  • Glider or rocker
  • Sleep pod or baby lounger
  • Wall décor
  • Mobile, with or without music
  • Fan
  • White noise machine

3. Clothing for Babies

baby clothes and stuffed animal

Getting ready for a newborn baby should be fun. And what’s not fun about dressing up cute little babies? Certainly not every outfit is a must-have. After all, your newborn will spend most of his time eating, sleeping, and making a mess. Stock up on diapers, and don’t forget the onesies – the kind that snap in the front so you can easily change diapers. Consider the weather for the type and style of onesie you purchase – short sleeve, long sleeve, shorts, or pants. Also add rompers, gowns, and footie-pajamas to your newborn baby shopping list.

Other must-haves for your newborn baby shopping list include:

  • Booties and socks
  • Coat or snuggle wrap
  • Scratch-proof mittens
  • Hat, weather appropriate

4. Baby Feeding Items

Pregnant woman with bottle

Babies need to eat – and often! Best to be prepared for the early morning feedings when you’ve only had two hours of sleep and zero coffee. Must-have feeding items to add to your newborn baby shopping list include bottles, breast pump, formula, and a cleaning brush for the bottles. Consider a drying rack, especially for airing out tall baby bottles and keep plenty of bibs on hand since babies drool and spit-up plenty. Also add burp cloths to your newborn baby shopping list to protect your own clothes.

5. Baby Bath Products

baby in bathtub

Must-have bath products for your newborn baby shopping list include:

  • Small safety tub to help sit your newborn upright
  • Baby shampoo, wash, and lotion
  • Soft towels or wraps
  • Washcloths
  • Wipes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Brush and comb
  • Nail clippers or scissors

6. Especially for Moms

Personal care products

An unforgettable must-have on your newborn baby shopping list are items especially for you. You need care, too. Don’t forget yourself when you’re out shopping for your new family member. Consider a nursing pillow, nursing cover, nursing bras, nursing pads, and nipple cream to keep yourself comfortable while breastfeeding. For after-birth care, add hemorrhoid cream and any other necessary healing ointments for your body to the list.

Having a newborn baby is a huge milestone. With our must-have newborn baby shopping list, you can rest easy while you await the big day knowing you’re prepared to take the best care of your new baby. And while you’re at it, treat yourself to something special. You’re about to have a baby after all!