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Baby Travel Essentials: 7 Must-Pack Items for Traveling with an Infant

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Some baby travel essentials are a must-pack when you’re on-the-go or traveling with an infant, but it can be a juggling act sifting through which items to take. Knowing what to bring and what to leave behind can help ease pre-travel jitters when you’re afraid you might forget something. We compiled a list of the 7 must-pack items for traveling with an infant, so you know which baby travel essentials to take with you. Customize our list to better fit your personal needs and traveling with your kids will be a breeze.

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1. Travel Gear

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Make sure your child is comfortable, safe, and occupied while traveling, which is essential to having a good journey. Neither you nor your baby will be comfortable or safe if you’re constantly carrying her in your arms. Consider baby travel gear essentials like a baby carrier, car seat, and stroller. Some baby companies designed their baby travel gear, such as the carrier, car seat, and stroller, to be used together to form one large travel system. And if you do want to hold your child close to your body, consider a front- or back-carry swaddle pack so at least your arms are free.

Other baby travel gear must-pack items to consider when you’re out and about include:

  • Bassinet, cradle, or portable crib
  • Portable playpen or pack and play
  • Portable highchair – collapsible or fabric

2. Sleep or Rest Spot


A must pack item for traveling with an infant is a sleep pod or tent. This baby travel essential comes in different styles, ranging from a small tent to a cushioned privacy pod, so your baby has a place to rest away from surrounding distractions. A privacy pod or travel tent can help darken a room and create a cozier spot for a good nap. Don’t forget to bring along crib sheets and plenty of blankets.

3. Food and Drink

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Of course your baby needs to eat and stay hydrated. Whether you’re breastfeeding, giving formula, or your child is on solids, having enough food and drink on hand is a baby travel essential. Some must-pack items for feeding time include a breast pump or formula, bottles, a bottle brush for cleaning the bottles, and a nursing cover for privacy when needed. Take along a cooler to store any formula or breastmilk in between feedings. If your child is older, don’t forget the sippy cup with water or juice and a spill-proof snack cup with some favorite bite-size snacks.

Other feeding essentials to consider as must-pack items when traveling with your infant are:

  • Bibs
  • Burp cloth
  • Hand wipes
  • Silicone table mat
  • Infant utensils
  • Food storage bags
  • Trash bags

4. Bath Care & Clothing

Baby Clothes and Booties

Babies are messy and tub time is just as important when you’re traveling as it is when you’re at home. Maybe more so! But keeping clean on-the-go can be difficult. A must-pack item to consider when traveling with an infant includes an inflatable bathtub. This handy item gives you a place to carefully wash up your baby. Other baby travel essentials for bath time include baby shampoo, baby wash, baby lotion, and baby oil. Don’t forget any ointments or creams you may need to use, such as diaper cream.

Since babies do indeed like to make a mess, pack extra clothes. You never know when a sock or shoe may go missing or spit-up will dribble down the front of your baby’s outfit. Other must-pack items for clothing include socks, shoes, hats, and coats. Keep in mind a change in the weather and pack baby clothing essentials for various temperatures.

Other baby travel essentials to pack for traveling with an infant include:

  • Soft baby towel
  • Baby brush or comb
  • Wipes
  • Diapers
  • Pull-ups
  • Diaper change pad
  • Diaper bag

5. Health Care

Keep your baby healthy while you’re traveling. Baby health care travel essentials include over-the-counter or prescription medications, baby-safe sunscreen, a first-aid kit, baby toothbrush, toothpaste, and safety nail clippers. Bring along your pediatrician’s phone number and any emergency contact information as well.

6. Toys and Activities

baby items

Must-pack items for traveling with your infant should also include toys and activities to keep your baby occupied and entertained. It’s essential to everyone’s peace. Pack extra pacifiers if your baby uses them. Consider a play mat or yoga mat to comfortably place your baby while sitting or lying on the floor. Play mats come in many styles, including interactive, and may feature different textures, colors, and shapes for sensory development. A portable mobile can help engage your baby or gently help him drift off to sleep. Other baby travel essentials include your baby’s favorite toys and books.

7. Other Baby Travel Essentials

More must pack items for traveling with an infant include:

  • Baby monitor
  • White noise machine
  • Birth certificate or passport
  • Drying rack
  • Resealable bags for soiled laundry

Having a baby-in-tow while you’re traveling doesn’t have to be daunting. Baby travel essentials aim to take care of your baby’s basic needs when you’re not at home. Ensure you have everything on our must-pack items list, tweak it to accommodate your personal needs and take the hassle out of travel!