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The Best Air Fryer Microwave Combos (2024 Reviews)

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Are you looking for the best air fryer microwave combos for your kitchen? If you’ve got limited counter space or you just want to save on appliances, a microwave air fryer combo is a great option. Many of these also offer convention oven features, giving you a wide range of cooking options.

Our home and family advisor, Richard Bartlett, considered a range of different air fryer microwave combos to come up with his top 5 recommendations. He took into account the size, capacity, features, reliability, and ease of cleaning each model. His top pick, the Breville Combi Wave 3 in 1, is a stylish option that includes fast combi and cook from frozen functions.

Our Expert’s Top Pick

Breville Combi Wave 3 in 1

This versatile option offers a range of great features, including built-in presets and heat distribution – and it looks great too.
Our Expert’s Top 5 Best Air Fryer Microwave Combos

Here are the top picks from our home and family expert. Compare the ratings and key features of the different models.

Editor’s Picks Model Rating Dimensions Weight Capacity Microwave Wattage
Best Overall Breville Combi Wave 3 in 1 4.5 21″ x 20.4″ x 21″ 34.0lbs 1.6 cu ft 1200
Best Budget Toshiba Multifunctional Microwave Oven with Healthy Air Fry 4.4 20.5″ x 20″ x 12.8″ 40.8lbs 1.0 cu ft 1000
Best for Versatility RCA Microwave, Digital Air Fryer, Convection Oven 4.3 19.72″ x 21.25″ x 11.9″ 15.7lbs 1.2 cu ft 1000
Best for Small Spaces Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven 4.4 14.97″ x 15.36″ x 9″ 39.1lbs 1.2 cu ft 1000
Best Presets Cuisinart 3-in-1 Microwave AirFryer Oven 4.2 14.4″ x 17.9″ x 13.8″ 25.0lbs 0.6 cu ft 700

*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy an Air Fryer Microwave Combo

  • Individuals living in a small apartment – If you’re in a studio apartment, an air fryer microwave combo could replace the need for an oven, freeing up a lot of space.
  • Busy families who want to get meals on the table fast – Using the air fryer or microwave can prepare food much quicker than a conventional oven. They’re also great at getting families to spend time cooking together.
  • Health-conscious individuals, couples, or families – It’s much healthier to air fry food than to fry it in oil, and you’ll still get the crispy results you love.

Who Should Not Buy an Air Fryer Microwave Combo

  • Anyone cooking at a campsite or from their car – You could use an air fryer microwave combo in a camper, with sufficient electrical supply. However, it’s not likely to be suitable for use at a campsite or from your car battery.
  • Big families who want to cook a lot of food at once – Most air fryer microwave combos are designed for a single dish at a time. If you’re cooking for a big group, you’ll want to use other options like a conventional oven, or consider a separate microwave and air fryer so you can prepare a couple of different dishes quickly.

Research Tips (from a Home & Family Expert)

An air fryer microwave combo isn’t a cheap purchase, so it’s definitely worth taking your time and thinking through what you need. You’ll likely want to measure your counter space in advance. If you have friends or family with air fryer microwaves, ask them for their recommendations. It’s a good idea to also:

  • Consider the footprint of the appliance – You want it to fit where you want it in your kitchen. You’ll need to think about height and clearance, too: most models won’t be suitable for use underneath a cabinet.
  • Make sure the capacity is large enough – Some air fryer microwave combos are perfect for individuals or couples; others are big enough to feed the family.
  • Check the microwave wattage – Some models have a lower wattage for the microwave than the air fryer element, so if you want a speedy microwave, make sure you’ve got one with a high wattage (1000 watts or more).
  • Consider the extra features included – For instance, you might want presets that let you cook specific types of food easily.

How Much Do They Cost?

Between $230 and $530

Most microwave air fryer combos will cost somewhere between $230 and $530. At the lower end of this range, you’ll get smaller, budget models that may have a fairly low microwave wattage. The higher-end appliances should look great and last for years. If you find yourself looking at models that cost well under $230, then you’re likely to discover that they don’t include the ability to microwave (you’ll find toaster oven with air fryer combos at these lower prices).

Our Methodology: Why Trust Safe Smart Family

I considered a number of different air fryer microwave combos, looking at their value for money, size and weight, capacity, features, ease of cleaning, ease of use, wattage, and more. I chose the 5 best air fryer microwave combos based on all these factors, along with customer reviews. – Richard Bartlett

The Best Air Fryer Microwave Combos: Full Reviews

Our Expert’s Top Pick

Breville Combi Wave 3 in 1

This versatile option offers a range of great features, including built-in presets and even heat distribution, and it looks great too.

The Breville Combi Wave 3 in 1 isn’t the cheapest air fryer microwave combo out there, but its durability, range of features, and stylish looks make it excellent value for money. The Fast Combi function combines the convection oven, grill, and microwave to produce perfect results fast.

It also includes Power Smoothing Inverter technology, which automatically adjusts the power intensity for smooth, even power that won’t overheat or dry out the edges of your food.

  • Element IQ system delivers perfect results
  • Fast Combi function cooks your favorite dishes faster
  • Power Smoothing Inverter lets you reheat and defrost foods with ease
  • Quiet while in operation, with a mute button and soft close door
  • Includes shortcuts and one-touch auto settings
  • May get messy during air frying, compared with a dedicated air fryer
  • Several reviewers said they found it hard to keep clean
Best Budget

Toshiba Multifunctional Microwave Oven with Healthy Air Fry

This easy-to-use and budget-friendly multifunctional microwave offers air frying, grilling, and convection oven features.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Toshiba Multifunctional Microwave Oven with Healthy Air Fry is a great option. It looks good and has 25 preset menus to help you cook food faster.

One clever feature is that the turntable will reset to its initial position after each use. This makes it easy to take out items like cups and jugs that have a handle, as their handle will always be at the front of the appliance when cooking finishes.

  • Eco mode minimizes standby power
  • Sound (beeps) can be turned off
  • Large enough to fit a whole chicken or 12-inch pizza
  • Easy to keep clean: cavity is rust- and scratch-resistant stainless steel
  • Quite heavy, so not ideal if you want to move it around a lot
  • Door is fairly loud when opening and closing
Best for Versatility

RCA Microwave, Digital Air Fryer, Convection Oven

This is a great option if you want to cook all sorts of different things: it can bake, roast, microwave, and act as a convection oven as well as an air fryer.

The RCA Microwave, Digital Air Fryer, Convection Oven is a great value option, with a stainless steel finish that should look great in your kitchen. It includes a bake plate and an air fry kit (ring plus air fry tray). If you want to get family meals on the table fast, then it should definitely do the job.

It’s a versatile option that’s suitable for cooking almost any dish, and it lets you create great-tasting and healthy results, even in a small kitchen.

  • Only needs a couple of inches clearance on the sides
  • Only weighs 15.72 lbs, making it easy to move around
  • Stylish and attractive, especially for the price
  • Sounds can’t be switched off
  • Doesn’t have many presets
Best for Small Spaces

Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven

With its space-saving design, this Panasonic oven can be placed on your countertop or built into your kitchen with the optional trim kit.

If you want maximum capacity in minimum space, try the Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven. It can be used as a convection oven, baking at temperatures up to 425 °F, or you can use the air fryer, broiler, or microwave features.

The air fryer mode is designed to produce crispy results with no preheating required. It’s perfect for making delicious french fries or chicken nuggets.

  • Could be used to replace a regular oven
  • Includes a child safety lock and a silent mode
  • Optional trim kit if you want a built-in look
  • Only requires 6 inches of clearance above the appliance
  • Labels for the buttons are quite small
  • Quite loud when in use
Best Presets

Cuisinart 3-in-1 Microwave AirFryer Oven

This small microwave air fryer oven includes lots of presets, making it quick and easy to cook with.

The Cuisinart 3-in-1 Microwave AirFryer Oven is a small black microwave with a slightly retro look. It doesn’t have a large capacity but could suit a couple or a small family. The presets make it easy to cook a range of different foods, with both microwave and air fryer presets available at the touch of a button.

You can use the Cuisinart as a conventional oven, as well as a microwave and air fryer. There’s an air fryer basket included, as well as a drip tray.

  • Small footprint that won’t take up much counter space
  • Includes defrost by weight or time feature
  • Easy to switch between air fryer and microwave features
  • Small capacity at just 0.6 cu ft
  • Microwave is only 700 watts

Frequently Asked Questions

Are microwave air fryers any good?

While some cheap air fryer microwave models might be disappointing, a good quality air fryer microwave should provide you with great value for money. They’re especially useful for busy individuals, couples, and families, as the microwave lets you quickly heat food and the air fryer setting also cooks fast, with the bonus of also browning and crisping dishes.1

Which is better, a convection oven or an air fryer?

Air fryers and convection ovens both cook in a similar way, using a heating element plus a fan that surrounds your food with hot air. Air fryers tend to be smaller, and won’t be ideal for cooking large quantities of food, but they’re great for cooking fast. Air fryers make your food crispier, similar to if you fried it, but they don’t require oil. Neither is necessarily “better” as they’re best used for slightly different purposes.2

Is an air fryer like a deep fryer?

Air fryers will get your food crispy, but they don’t require lots of oil like deep fryers. You need to completely submerge your food in oil to use a deep fryer, but air fryers require little or no oil. This makes them a much healthier option.3

What can you cook in an air fryer microwave?

You can cook all sorts of different items in an air fryer microwave, especially if it also works as a convection oven. Many people like to use air fryer microwaves to get foods like chicken nuggets and fries perfectly crisp, without the need for oil. But you could also roast meat, bake cookies, and use your air fryer microwave combo for almost any type of food you want.

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