6 best exercises for seniors

6 Best Exercises for Seniors (and 4 to Avoid)

Everyone benefits from physical movement, and the older we get, the more we need to exercise to stay fit and active. The best exercises for seniors – and those to avoid – range from a general physical activity such as walking to more deliberate moves for targeted muscle groups such as bicep curls. Whether you’re […]

expert tips for flying with a baby

15 Must-Read Tips for Flying with a Baby

Tips for flying with a baby are invaluable for that first or second or even your third trip with a little one. Preparation is your friend. From packing to preboarding, there are many ways you can ease stress to keep your baby happy and you calm. 1. Book a Direct Flight Photo by Octav Cado […]

health benefits of trampoline

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Exercising on a Trampoline

Exercising on a trampoline is an excellent way to improve your overall health. The simple rhythmic motion of jumping up and down has many health benefits. You might think that trampolines are only for children. However, the benefits of exercising on a trampoline might surprise adults. Read more to learn about the amazing health benefits […]

Newborn and Mom

11 Best Essentials for New Moms

Giving birth is tough, and that’s just the beginning. The time after a child is born is very special, but it can also be very hard, and to top it off, most people focus on the new baby, not the stressed-out new mom. However, a few of the right supplies can make things easier for […]

Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Buying the best indoor air quality monitors might not seem like a glamourous purchase for your home, but it’s important for the overall health of your family. You never know what’s in the air, which makes this an essential addition to your house – especially if you have an older home. Our expert air quality […]