Scooters for Teenagers

The Best Scooters for Teenagers (2024 Reviews)

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Are you looking for the best scooters for teenagers? Whether you want to surprise your teen with a scooter for their birthday gift or you’re helping them choose something with their hard-earned money, you want a scooter that’s safe, durable, and good value.

These scooters were all chosen by our advisor Richard Bartlett. His top pick is the highly durable Pro RDS Dirt Scooter, an easy-to-assemble scooter that’s fantastic for riding off-road. It’s suitable for riders age 10+ so it’s a great choice even for younger teens or preteens. The large 200-millimeter Pneumatic Dirt Tires are perfect for tackling dirt and performing tricks.

Our Expert’s Top Pick

Pro RDS Dirt Scooter

This sturdy, well-made scooter has a heavy-duty aluminum frame and 200mm pneumatic tires to easily tackle off-road scooting.

If you’ve got a teen and a toddler, you might also want to get yourself an all-terrain stroller for family off-road adventures.

Our Home and Family Expert’s Top 5 Scooters for Teenagers

Here are the top picks from our home and family expert. Compare the ratings and key features of the different models.

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating Weight capacity Minimum age Electric? Foldable?
Best Overall Pro RDS Dirt Scooter 4.7 220 lbs 10
Best Budget 2 Wheel Folding Kick Scooter 4.5 220 lbs (not given)
Best Electric E300 Electric Scooter 4.5 220 lbs 13
Best Folding A5 LUX Kick Scooter 4.8 220 lbs 8
Best for Younger Kids Expo Youth Scooter 4.4 220 lbs 6

*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy a Scooter for Teenagers

  • Teens who want a fast way to get to school or work – Scooters are a great way to commute to school or work. They’re a healthy alternative to driving while giving your teens plenty of freedom. Scooters don’t take up nearly as much space as bikes, making them a good option if you have little storage space at home or if your teen needs to use public transit for part of their journey.
  • Parents who’d like their teens to be more active – If you’re struggling to get your teen off the couch, a scooter can be a great way to encourage them to be more active. Whether they’re trying out tricks at the skate park or just scooting from A to B, they’ll be getting fresh air and exercise.
  • Parents of “tweenagers” who want a scooter that will last – Do you have a little one who’ll soon be into their teenage years? Plenty of scooters are suitable from age 8 or 10 right up to adulthood. For a scooter they won’t outgrow in a few months, opt for a teenage scooter.

Who Should Not Buy a Scooter for Teenagers

  • Adults over the weight limit for the scooter – The scooters on our top 5 list are all suitable for riders up to 220 lbs. If you’re over that weight limit, you don’t want to risk breaking the scooter or injuring yourself. Opt for a stronger adult scooter instead: some models will be fine up to 300 lbs.
  • Parents of much younger children – If you have a 3-year-old, you don’t want a scooter for teenagers: it’ll be much too big! While some of these scooters might be fine for a tall 6-year-old, if you’ve got a child under 8, you probably want to look at child-sized scooters instead.

Research Tips (from a Home & Family Expert)

The best scooters for teens aren’t cheap, so you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Whether it’s a surprise gift, a travel essential, or a purchase your teen has been saving for, here’s what to keep in mind when choosing the perfect scooter:

  1. Check the size and height – If you have a tall teen, you’ll want a higher maximum handlebar height than if your teen is quite petite. If you want to fit the scooter into your car, you’ll also need to consider whether it folds and how much you can lower the handlebars.
  2. Look for a scooter that’s durable – You don’t want to replace the scooter after a few weeks. It’s also worth considering how and where your teen is likely to use the scooter: if it’s for off-road stunts, it’ll need to be a much more rugged model than a scooter that’s just going to be used for getting to and from school.
  3. Decide whether you want an electric or regular scooter – Electric scooters are obviously more expensive, but they could also be a worthwhile investment if your teen will use the scooter frequently to travel longer distances. If you do opt for an electric scooter, check the run time and maximum speed to be sure these are suitable for your teenager.
  4. Get your teen’s input on color and design – Your teenager may well have firm views on exactly how they want the scooter to look.  They may like the look of large, bike-style wheels, for instance, or they may want a streamlined and elegant scooter.

How Much Do They Cost?

Between $100 and $160

Scooters for teens can vary hugely in price, but as a rough guide, you can expect to pay between $100-$160 for a great-quality scooter that will last. Scooters in this range are going to be solid, durable, and potentially have features like wheels that are suitable for off-road action. You can certainly find a good scooter for less than $100, though you may need to compromise a little on sturdiness and durability. Once you get to more expensive scooters, you’re likely looking at electric models; these could easily cost $300-$500.

Our Methodology: Why Trust Safe Smart Family

You want your teen to be safe on their scooter, so I’ve prioritized scooters that are durable, sturdy, and easy to ride. I compared a wide range of features, taking into account the minimum age, weight capacity, and any extra benefits, such as whether the scooter can be folded for transport and storage. Scooters aren’t a cheap purchase, so I also considered value for money. – Richard J. Bartlett

The Best Scooters for Teens: Full Reviews

Our Expert’s Top Pick

Pro RDS Dirt Scooter

This sturdy, well made scooter has a heavy-duty aluminum frame and 200mm pneumatic tires to easily tackle off-road scooting.

If you’re looking for a fun scooter that won’t break the bank, the Pro RDS Dirt Scooter by Razor is the perfect option. It’s a sturdy, durable scooter that’s designed for going off-road. Your teen can have fun trying out different tricks or racing across bumpy terrain … just make sure they’re also wearing some protective gear!

Suitable for ages 10 and up, but capable of holding up to 220 lbs, this scooter is also a great buy for teens and for adults. Its bright red color makes it easy to spot, though may not suit every teenager’s tastes.

  • Suitable for dirt roads and goes over small bumps easily
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame: strong but light
  • 200-mm 60 psi pneumatic tires
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Only suitable for users up to 120lbs during “aggressive” use
  • Doesn’t fold so can be tricky to transport
Best Budget Buy

2 Wheel Folding Kick Scooter

On a tight budget? This folding scooter is durable and offers a smooth ride. It even includes a carrying belt.

The 2 Wheel Folding Kick Scooter from Geelife is a fantastic scooter for the price. It certainly won’t break the bank, but it’s durable, lightweight, and folds up to easily fit in your car’s trunk or in a hall closet.

The wear-resistant PU wheels will give you a smooth ride, and the handlebar height can be adjusted to 35.5″, 37.5″, and 40″, making this scooter suitable for a wide range of ages and heights. There’s a carry strap included for transporting it around easily.

  • Good scooter at a great price
  • Suitable for most types of pavement
  • Folds up easily for transport/storage
  • Choice of colors available
  • The deck (platform) may be a little small for larger teens/adults
  • Not as durable as more expensive scooters
Best Electric

E300 Electric Scooter

This electric scooter can go up to 15 mph, with a charge that lasts up to 40 minutes. Its all-steel frame means it will stand up to rugged use.

The E300 Electric Scooter is a great electric scooter from Razor. It has 9″ pneumatic tires at the front and rear, and will deliver a smooth, fast ride. The deck is super-sized with plenty of space for big teenage (or adult) feet. It’s easy to assemble and handles well.

It’s worth noting that this scooter weighs 43 lbs (19.5 kilos) so it’s pretty heavy to move around. Of course, when it’s in use, the 250-watt chain-driven motor will see you speeding along effortlessly.

  • Large enough for older teens and adults
  • Charge lasts 40 minutes, meaning it’s suitable for commuting
  • Has twist-grip acceleration control
  • Includes retractable kickstand
  • Handlebar height can’t be adjusted
  • Heavy and doesn’t fold, so tricky to transport in a car
Best Folding

A5 LUX Kick Scooter

Folding scooters are easy to store and transport, and this scooter from Razor weighs just 8.38 lbs so it’s easy to carry.

If you want to store your teen’s scooter in a hall closet or you plan to carry it around in the trunk of your car, a folding scooter like the A5 LUX Kick Scooter is a great option. The LUX Kick Scooter comes in a range of colors and styles, all of which have comfy handlebars and 200-mm wheels.

This scooter is great for getting around town as the wheels will cope easily with small sidewalk bumps. It’s durable and sturdy, and though it’s designed for teens and adults up to 220lbs, reviewers said it works well for children as young as 4 and adults who weigh 320 lbs. The handlebars are adjustable so you can get them the right height for the rider.

  • Folds up for easy transport and storage
  • Durable and will withstand the weather
  • Offers a smooth ride on paved streets
  • Available in a range of colors and styles
  • Scooter can swing and hit your ankles when lifted
  • Deck is quite narrow and won’t fit both feet for adults
Best for Younger Kids

Expo Youth Scooter

This BMX-style scooter is a great choice for younger kids, especially if they want to go off-road. It could work well for small teens, too.

Looking for a scooter for a tween or younger kid? Mongoose’s Expo Youth Scooter is designed for kids aged 6-9, but has a weight limit of 220lbs, so older and bigger kids could give it a try too.

With its 12″ inflatable tires and rear axle pegs, this scooter is a great one for tackling different types of terrain. Although it’s recommended for ages 6-9, you’re likely to find it’s a bit large for children under 8 … and it could easily suit smaller teenagers. Note that you’ll need to spend a bit of time assembling it correctly, and you’ll probably find it easiest if you have a second adult to help.

  • Smaller scooter suitable for younger kids or small teens
  • Suitable for off-road use, e.g. in a local park
  • Sturdily built and durable even for adult use
  • Available in a range of colors (all with cool skull design)
  • A number of reviewers said it was hard to assemble
  • Rear axle pegs may get in the way of the scooting foot

Frequently Asked Questions

Which scooter is best for teenagers?

There are lots of different scooters available that work well for teenagers. We think the Pro RDS Dirt Scooter is the best overall pick for a teen, because of its versatility and durability. Any of the other options above, though, could be just perfect for your teenager. When you’re choosing a scooter for your teen, make sure you take into account how they’ll want to use it and any preferences they have on the style and design.

What size scooter should a 13-year-old get?

The recommended scooter height for a 13-year-old is around 78-85cm. You’ll find that most scooters have the option to adjust their handlebars, making it easy to find one that’s a good height for your 13-year-old and that will also last them throughout their teens.1

Which electric scooter is best for a teenager?

We believe the E300 Electric Scooter is the best choice of electric scooter for a teen. With any electric scooter, check how fast the maximum speed is and how long it can go without being recharged to be sure it will suit your teenager’s needs. You should always check local laws about the use of electric scooters before purchasing one, too.

What’s the difference between a stunt scooter and a normal scooter?

Think of stunt scooters as being like BMX bikes and normal scooters as being more like regular bikes. A stunt scooter is designed to do tricks and stunts and to work well on slopes and bumps. It has special safety features to make it extra-strong and sturdy.2 Normal scooters are designed for use on paved surfaces, helping riders get from A to B as quickly as possible. Before buying your teen a scooter, it’s important to figure out what type of scooter will best suit them.

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Richard J. Bartlett
Home and family advisor for Safe Smart Family with more than a decade writing about home and family lifestyle topics and expertise in home product reviews